International Student Interviewing Skills

As an international student, there are advantages to participating in campus interviewing. You possess a global perspective, understand cultural differences, and are able to adapt quickly to new situations and settings.

Interviewing With a U.S. Company

  • Be punctual. Arrive 5-15 minutes early.
  • Expect direct questions regarding competency and experience. An open discussion of accomplishments and skills shows confidence.
  • Show clear self-knowledge, career goals, and long-term plans. Self-disclosure of strengths, weaknesses, personality, leadership style, problem-solving abilities, etc. may be appropriate.
  • Researching the organization and demonstrating that knowledge during the interview is expected - shows initiative and interest.
  • It is acceptable to ask an employer at the close of the interview where they are in the interview process and when the candidate can expect to hear back from them; inquiring about the status of an application after the interview is acceptable and demonstrates interest in the position.
  • Display initiative by volunteering information and asking questions even before you are asked to.

Interview Tips for International Students

  • Study commonly asked interview questions; write answers to those questions; and practice your responses in front of a mirror as well as with friends.
  • Schedule a mock interview with UCS to receive feedback on the interview.
  • Be prepared with questions to ask the employer. The interview should be just as much a time for you to decide if this is where you want to work as it is a time for the employer to know if you are right for their organization.