Types of Résumés

There are three common types of résumés.  The style you choose should highlight your unique skills and experiences in the most user-friendly manner.


A chronological résumé highlights your experience and education in reverse chronological order.  This is the most common resume format for college students and is often the preferred format by employers. One disadvantage of the chronological résumé is that it may reveal employment gaps.


A functional résumé highlights your qualifications, skills, and related achievements with little emphasis on employment dates. The functional résumé stresses selected skill areas and promotes the idea of transferable skills. The disadvantage is that employers are less familiar with this format and undergraduates seldom use it effectively.


A combination résumé includes aspects of both chronological and functional formats. Qualifications, skills, and related achievements are highlighted and employment history is included as a separate section. The disadvantage of a combination résumé is that it is difficult to write effectively.