Submitting Your Résumé

Application Procedures

Once you have developed your résumé, the next step is to determine the appropriate application method for each employer. Employers may also ask you to email the document as an attachment, cut and paste the contents of your résumé directly into the body of an e-mail, use an online application, or apply through their website. Remember to review the application procedures in the job description to determine submission requirements for each specific employer.  Some employers will ask for you to turn in your application in more than one format.

Electronic Resume – This is probably the most common form of resume submission.  Electronic resume refers to an employer'srequest to upload resumes to their website or to include the resume as an email attachment.  If you are uploading adocument, you will want to ensure that your formatting and/or font choices arecompatible.  This will prevent adisorganized appearance and/or distorted words. If the employer has asked for the document via email, you may choose tosend a Word document or PDF as an attachment. In your email correspondence,  besure to include your contact information so they can follow-up with you shouldthere be an issue with the file compatability.

Online Application System – An Online Application System is typically housed as part of the employer's website.  These systems range incomplexity from one-page applications asking for contact information to advanced forms that require responses to specific questions.  An online application system may take up to 30 minutes to complete the required application.  Because many of these online application systems use keywords to conduct searches, it is worth your effort to review the job description and incorporate their language to highlight your experiences.

Application Review

In some cases, your application materials are reviewed by a human resources representative/hiring manager, while other agencies will screen your materials using an electronic system. Tailor your résumé and cover letter for the specific position to which you are applying. Do not send a generic, "one size fits all" résumé and cover letter. If you know the hiring manager for the position, it is recommended that you send a copy of your materials to this person and mention that you have submitted your materials formally.

Résumé Posting on Commercial Sites

A number of commercial sites invite job seekers to post their résumés online to large databases that a range of employers access. Only post information you are comfortable sharing about yourself, since you do not know who is accessing your information. Also, decide if you want your current employer or others to know you are applying for positions. Posting your résumé on commercial sites may communicate to others that you are engaged in a job search.