Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a concise and memorable introductory statement that quickly conveys important and interesting information about you. Employers are typically interested in the following:

  • Name, university, year in school, and major
  • Opportunities sought
  • Relevant experience
  • Highlights of skills and strengths
  • Knowledge of the company

Sample Elevator Speech

"Hello, my name is Adam Jenkins and I'm a senior in Psychology at Northwestern University. I saw a job listing on your website for an entry level Career Advisor position and I wanted to share with you a little about my experience. Last summer, I interned with University Career Services. Because of my ability to communicate with students and understand their needs, they asked me to stay another quarter to work with them this fall. My experience at UCS reaffirmed my interest in obtaining a position as Career Advisor for a university. I was hoping you would tell me more about the new programming initiatives I saw listed on your website."