Weinberg Program Information


Information about the first destination of the Class of 2013 was collected using two survey mechanisms: the Six Month Survey of undergraduates at Northwestern University conducted by Northwestern Career Advancement between November 2013 and February 2014; and the Enrolled Student Survey conducted by Institutional Research in April 2013. Data from these two sources were merged with a list obtained from the Office of the Registrar of all undergraduates who completed their degrees in 2012 – 2013.

Altogether, 446 (44%) members of the WCAS Class of 2013 provided information on the Six Month Survey, and first destination information for an additional 55 recent graduates from WCAS was gleaned from the 2013 Enrolled Student Survey. Thus, the report below represents data from 501 (49%) members of the WCAS Class of 2013.

First Destination: The Undergraduate Class of 2013 (Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences) (PDF)

To view a summary of the career paths and pursuits of the undergraduate class of 2013 six months after graduation, please view the post-graduation report, Beyond Northwestern.

Primary Major

All WCAS students have a respective Career Advisor and Career Counselor to meet with based on their primary major.  Career Advisors have assigned majors that they serve. Primary Majors are listed in Weinberg’s website

Adjunct Major

If a student also has an adjunct major, they will continue to meet with their assigned Career Advisor through their primary major.

Ad Hoc

If a student is an Ad Hoc major, they can meet with their choice of assigned Career Advisor and will continue to meet with that Career Advisor during the duration of their time at Northwestern.

Double Major in WCAS

If a student double majors with another department within WCAS, they can meet with their Career Advisor from their original primary major.  If they decide to double major at the same time, they can choose a Career Advisor and meet with that Career Advisor during the duration of their time at Northwestern. 

Double Major Outside of WCAS

If a student decides to pick up another major from another school (Bienen, McCormick, SESP, School of Communications, and Medill), they will meet with the Career Advisor that is assigned to those respective schools. 

Undecided Majors

If a student has not officially declared a major, they will be meeting with an assigned Career Advisor through CareerCat.

To see each of the Weinberg Majors and the skills gained and industries served Check out our Weinberg Majors page.