McCormick Faculty & Advisor Information

How do NCA and Engineering Career Development differ?

NCA provides job and internship advising for students across all colleges and schools at Northwestern. NCA has a career counselor and advisor that liaise with the McCormick School of Engineering. The career counselor works with McCormick students that are undecided in their major and career paths and guides them through the decision making process. The career counselor also administers assessments to help McCormick students with their decision making, and assist students with the graduate school application process. The career advisor assists McCormick students with developing job search related skills for non-engineering based positions. Both staff members work with McCormick students throughout their time at Northwestern.

Engineering Career Development provides job/internship and co-op advising exclusively for McCormick students. Students are assigned an Engineering Career Development career advisor based on their major or program. Each advisor assists McCormick students with their career planning throughout the duration of their program. Each advisor helps students with job/internship/co-op search for engineering related positions.

How do I refer a student to NCA or Engineering Career Development for assistance?

Please view the following handout regarding the referral process to NCA and Engineering Career Development (PDF).

What do I do if I get a co-op, internship or job opportunity from an employer to share with students?

If an employer expresses interest in recruiting McCormick students for non-engineering positions, please refer them to Larry Jackson who will share the position with the NCA Employer Strategic Outreach team. If an employer is interested in recruiting McCormick students for engineering/technical roles, please refer them to Allison Berger at Engineering Career Development.