Dinner with Twelve - Industry

Dinner with Twelve

Why participate?

Dinner with Twelve-Industry connects current undergraduate and graduate students with Northwestern alumni who work or have worked in students’ fields of interest. This program gives students the opportunity to ask their alumni host(s) about their career path and industry experience in an informal setting. Alumni host a dinner at either their home or a restaurant at no cost to students.

Who can participate?

Undergraduate and graduate students

How do I start planning?

Student registration opens in January and the dinners take place in February.

What are students saying?

  • It was very insightful to be able to hear about the lives and career paths of Northwestern alumni post-graduation. They were very useful in explaining how they used the skills they learned at Northwestern in order to achieve success in the world. They were very willing to provide connections to students in career paths that interested them. It was awesome to hear stories about Northwestern in the past and how it contrasts to today.
  • The alumni gave insight into how students could utilize the Northwestern alumni network to their advantage. I found the conversation at dinner to be very intellectual and entertaining. In addition to meeting the alumni, it was nice to meet fellow Northwestern students who were older than me. They were able to provide insight into how to get the most out of my Northwestern experience. There is nothing I can say that I did not enjoy about the dinner. It was an entirely positive experience and one of my most favorite experiences at Northwestern thus far.

*Additional Opportunity: The Dinner with Twelve program also connects current undergraduate students with Northwestern alumni in the Chicagoland area in an informal setting. These events are not specific to career interest, but a great opportunity to connect with alumni. Student registration opens in September and the dinners take place in October.