Information for Families

Encourage your student

Take the time to encourage your student to do a self-assessment and explore areas of interest. We believe that career decisions are best made when students have a thorough understanding of themselves- who they are, what they like, what they are good at and what is important to them. We teach students a basic career decision making model that can be used no matter what their career question is.

Share your own career experiences

Your own career stories will help your student begin to see careers in concrete terms. Later, they will try out their own ideas through internships and summer jobs. Your stories can be particularly helpful if you have been through a career change or worked during challenging economic times.

Be a networking contact

In addition to your own story, who do you know that might also share their story with your student? Informational interviews are one of the best ways for students to gain real world insights before making career decisions.

Be aware that work has changed

The work world has changed and continues to do so at an accelerated pace. While your own experiences are of great value, be aware that the processes for gaining employment are not the same. Everything – job/internship descriptions, employment listings, job requirements, resumes, interviewing, and advancement tracks have changed for most occupations.

Encourage your student to take charge of his/her career

If your student asks you questions that relate to his or her future major or career choices, refer them to UCS. Studies have shown that students who use their career services office throughout their college years are better prepared for their job search, and find more satisfying jobs faster than students who wait until their senior year to use services.

We look forward to working with your student and being partners with you.