Faculty & Staff

UCS and the NU Campus Community

There are a multitude of ways that UCS partners with campus faculty, staff, and academic units.  Please find below helpful links for more information and please view a presentation on Northwestern Student Career Needs (pdf) for advice and suggestions for ways to collaborate with UCS.

We look forward to opportunities to work with you on students' career educational needs.  A reminder that we serve career needs of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni.

Let us know if you have additional questions or suggestions for collaboration.

Contact us at 847-491-3700, careerservices@northwestern.edu

Student Referrals 

The majority of referrals to UCS come from staff, academic advisers and faculty.  If you work with students who are unsure of their academic or career direction, are embarking on an internship or job search, completing an application to graduate/professional school, or need another type of support to pursue a career goal, we can help!

UCS Speakers/Classroom Visits or Supporting Academic Events 

Many UCS events are co-sponsored with academic units or student groups. Our staff is available for classroom visits or workshops on a range of topics. 

Employer Partnerships

Developing excellent internship and full time opportunities for students and alumni involves active partnerships among employers, the academic community and UCS. 

Hiring Students for On-Campus Employment 

Learn more about posting to CareerCat and how to hire Northwestern students to work in your office, lab or department.

Letters of Recommendation

UCS offers a system to manage letters of recommendation, plus offers guidelines to letter writers.

Staff Seeking Career Assistance

UCS has listed local resources for career and job search assistance. 

NU Portfolio 

UCS offers an electronic portfolio that provides a system for students to collect, organize, and share important learning experiences digitally; it offers a way to upload writing samples, videos, performances and other demonstrations of their accomplishments.  Students can develop a portfolio on their own or work with faculty to link this system with classroom projects.  For more information contact Kamilah McCoy.