The Student Experience

Who they are

In 2017, nearly 400 students from 6 schools/colleges went to 29 states, the District of Columbia, and 30 countries. 90% of whom would have had to turn down their summer experience or supplement the experience with a second job if it had not been for SIGP funding.

Where they went

Students interned at a range of companies in a variety of industries, including:

Arts, Culture, Museums, and Performance Communication, Journalism, Media, and Publishing Government & Public Policy
Brevard Music Center Chicago Sun-Times French Embassy in the United States
British American Drama Acadamy (Oxford) Deadline Detroit NASA
Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative Los Angeles Magazine San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Steppenwolf Theatre Company Prose Media United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Zephyr International Chamber Music Festival (Italy) Texas Monthly United States Embassy in Seoul, South Korea

98% if students said they would recommend their summer experience to another Northwestern student. Stay tuned for testimonials from former SIGP recipients.

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