How to Apply

Applications for the 2016/2017 academic school year ended Tuesday, April 4, 2017 (at 11:59PM).

Step 1: Qualifications

Northwestern undergraduate students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • A current student who will be enrolled for at least fall quarter of the following academic year and is a full-time degree seeking student in one of the following schools/colleges: Bienen, McCormick, Medill, School of Communication, SESP or Weinberg 
  • Pursing a summer experience in a traditionally unpaid field or role.
  • Receiving 0.25 or less credit.
  • Not receiving any money from the employer or other grants/awards from Northwestern.
  • Internship meets the required 250 hours of work between June-September and has a designated supervisor.
  • Has a summer experience secured by May 30. *Please note: At time of application, students are not required to have internship/summer experience secured. If selected for award, recipients who do not have an internship at time of selection must meet with NCA career adviser to develop search strategy. Awardees without secured internship by May 30 forfeit their grant.

Please note: previous SIGP recipients CAN reapply.

Step 2: Attend Information Session and Review Resources

Step 3: Respond to 3 Essay Questions

Part of the application for SIGP is to make your case for selection through well written essay responses. The questions below are to be answered in a PDF document, 12 pt. font, double spaced with each essay numbered. The total length of all 3 essays cannot exceed 3 pages (750 words).

  1. How have your academic studies and extra-curricular activities influenced your interest in pursuing this type of internship/summer experience? How does this relate to your overall academic and career goals/aspirations?
  2. Describe the organization and role that you have secured or hope to secure this summer. What will you strive to learn or gain from your summer experience? In what ways will you remain engaged with your internship host, continue to support SIGP or enhance the Northwestern community beyond your experience this summer?
  3. Describe your financial need and any personal circumstances related to helping us better understand your summer funding needs. Be as specific as possible.

Step 4: Resume and Budget

  • Update your one-page Professional Resume
  • Create a Summer Budget*Please note: Before uploading to application form, save document as PDF. The purpose of the budget is to show the selection committee that you’ve thought through what living and travel expenses you might incur during your summer.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

Fill out an Application Form and Financial Aid Authorization *Please Note: After you fill out the application press the “Submit” button on the left hand side, rather than the “Save” button unless you want to save a draft and finish it later.

  • If you have trouble accessing your draft, please go to and click on the ‘Complete’ hyperlink to access your SIGP application.
  • If you are receiving an error message that states you have exceeded the maximum number of characters, please ensure that you do not exceed 100 characters for the "Organization, Title, Position" text field.

If you have technical issues with your application, please email

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