Policies and Expectations

Hiring the right person for an internship or job, and looking for just the right internship or job, can be stressful. Below are the policies and expectations that are in place to ease your stress and to have successful outcomes:

For Employers

  • All hiring opportunities must be available to all students, which means that faculty referrals and exclusive student group recruitment are not allowed
  • All postings in our database, CareerCat, must disclose the hiring company
  • Events that are being planned with student groups or academic departments should first be approved by UCS to ensure that there are not conflicting presentations at those dates and times
  • We respectfully request that students be given until the final week of classes to accept an offer.
  • For full-time offers being given to summer interns, we strongly encourage employers to give the students until December 7, 2013 which is the final day of on-campus interviews.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with candidates who have been interviewed
  • Follow the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Principles for Employment  Professionals

For Students

  • Apply for those internships and jobs that are of genuine interest
  • All information in the CareerCat profile must be accurate
  • Do not use on-campus interviews for practice– UCS is happy to do mock interviews with you
  • If on-campus interviews need to be cancelled, it must be done no later than 2 business days prior to the scheduled interview. To cancel, call the Interview Center at 847-467-5718
  • An interview can be cancelled the same day without penalty due to serious illness, emergency conditions, or acceptance of an internship or job offer. To cancel, call the Interview Center at 847-467-5718
  • If an interview is missed without explanation, access to CareerCat will be suspended and a meeting must be held with a UCS advisor
  • If an offer is accepted, all interviewing must stop immediately and pending resume submissions must be cancelled
  • Offers should be reviewed and accepted or declined in a timely manner
  • Rescinding an acceptance of an internship or job offer is unethical and may lead to repercussions
  • Report internship and job offers when requested by UCS
  • If an employer or UCS event requests an RSVP, please let the appropriate person know if you cannot attend as expected within 24 hours of the scheduled event


  • Employer requests will be answered within one business day
  • Students will be assisted to be the strongest candidate that they can be through career exploration, resume and cover letter reviews, and mock interviews
  • Student requests will be answered within two business days