Career Development Funding

Funding Amount

There is no limit to the amount of funding that can be requested by an applicant for travel or registration fees.  Interview attire requests are funded up to $300. Funding requests will be reviewed and fully funded, partially funded, or declined depending on the applicant’s financial need, strength of application materials, and availability of funds. 

Funding Method

All approved funding requests will be paid upfront by Northwestern Career Advancement.  Reimbursements are not provided through the Career Development Fund. 


The ability to fund certain types of requests may be limited for students who are not physically on campus due to study abroad, journalism residency, co-op, or other programs.

Funding Requirements

Approved applicants will schedule a meeting with an NCA staff member to make the appropriate arrangements to fit the request (i.e.: booking flight or hotel, paying registration fees, etc.).  Approved applicants are required to return receipts from purchases and write a short statement describing their experience in a reasonable timeframe following their funded experience.  Students shopping for Interview attire will generally have one (1) month to complete their purchases.  This timeframe may be shorter at the end of the academic year.  Failure to return required items to NCA may result in loss (or repayment) of funding.

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