Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I apply to the Career Development fund?

Students are eligible to apply for no more than a total two (2) interview travel requests (preferably on the same application), and one (1) conference travel request per academic year.  Students can only receive funding for Interview Attire one time during their undergraduate career at Northwestern. 

Can I be reimbursed through the Career Development Fund?

No.  Reimbursements are not provided. All approved funding requests will be paid upfront by Northwestern Career Advancement. 

What other resources for undergraduate student support exist?

Several offices and schools on campus offer funding to support undergraduate professional development needs.   The review committee may refer an applicant to one of these resources if it is a more appropriate fit for the funding request.

What funding resources exist for graduate students?

Graduate students are typically able to receive professional development funding through their academic program or school of enrollment.  We recommend that you contact your academic program to learn about available funding opportunities.

Why is so much advance time needed to process applications for travel?

Applications for travel within the US are requested three weeks in advance of the date of travel to allow for the most availability and cost when booking arrangements.

Six to 8 weeks are requested to process international travel requests to allow time for approved applicants to complete the requirements of the NU Office of Global Safety and Security.

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