How to Apply

Required Application Materials

  • Completed Career Development Fund application
  • Response to two short essay questions:

1.How will this funding help you achieve your career development goals?

2. Describe your financial circumstances that will help us understand your funding needs

  • An itemized budget detailing how you will spend the funds.
  • A signed financial aid release statement (included in the online application)

What is the Application Review Committee Seeking?

  • A clear connection between the funding request and your career goals.  Questions to consider: What are your career goals? How will receiving funding for this request advance your career?  How will this funding help you to obtain an internship, job, or graduate school opportunity? 
  • An accurate and clear description of your financial circumstances that have led you to apply for funding.  Financial need is the primary factor when reviewing applications; the financial aid status for all applicants will be verified with the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid.  The response to the second short essay question will play a significant role in determining eligibility for funding for students who do not receive financial aid.
  • A funding request that fits the purpose of the Career Development Fund.  The Career Development Fund seeks to provide students with the opportunity to participate in experiences that will allow them to obtain professional opportunities that would otherwise not be accessible.  The committee will assess the nature and quality of the experience as a part of the application review process. 
  • Opportunities that cannot be supported through other existing funds on or off campus.  Several offices and schools on campus offer funding to support undergraduate professional development needs.   The review committee may refer an applicant to one of these resources if it is a more appropriate fit for the funding request.  Conversely, if it is determined that an application request has been funded through an alternate source, the application will be declined.
  • Enough time to review and process funding.  Applications that fall outside of our timeline for application review may be submitted, however, we cannot guarantee that the application is able to be processed with a shortened timeline. 


This application will take 20-30 minutes to complete.  Online APPLICATION form.  Please note: this application will go live on September 11, 2017.

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