The Career Ambassador Program

The Career Ambassador program serves as a bridge between University Career Services and the Northwestern University student population.  Career Ambassadors are trained to advise fellow students on quick career related concerns during UCS walk-in hours.  In addition, Career Ambassadors conduct outreach presentations across campus and assist with marketing UCS programs and events.  Career Ambassadors serve an integral role at UCS and wear many hats; that of educator, advisor, consultant, presenter, and campus liaison.

Program Description and Responsibilities

What Do Career Ambassadors Do?

  • Advise students during walk-in hours on UCS services and resources, resume construction and editing, and other career-related inquiries.
  • Give feedback on new and current UCS programs and initiatives.
  • Conduct outreach presentations on topics like resume writing, interviewing skills, internship searching, and social networking.Staff UCS major events and actively market UCS workshops.
  • Contribute to social media and marketing activities, such as blogging, Tweeting, helping to maintain UCS; LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts, and creating YouTube videos.
  • Obtain and demonstrate extensive understanding of career development issues.Complete a final project on a career or student development related topic.