Healthy Sexuality

Sexuality is a normal and healthy part of everyone’s life. Whether or not you are sexually active, you deserve to know about your sexual health and to have access to information that helps you make decisions that are right for you -- now and in the future.

CARE believes that all Northwestern students have the following sexual rights, and that with these rights come the following responsibilities.

You have the right to…

  • Accurate and comprehensive sexuality information and education
  • A full range of sexual health services
  • Free expression of sexuality and sexual identity
  • Make informed decisions about your sexuality
  • Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections
  • Not feel pressured to engage in sexual activity
  • Say no to unwanted sexual activity. See Defining Consent for more information.
  • Positive, fulfilling and pleasurable sexual activity

You have the responsibility to…

  • Use safer sex practices to protect yourself and your partner(s) from sexually transmitted infections and/or unwanted pregnancy
  • Be honest with potential sexual partners about sexually transmitted infections
  • Communicate your personal limits, boundaries, expectations and desires before engaging in sexual activity
  • Respect your partner’s personal limits, boundaries and desires regarding sexual activity
  • Respect others’ sexual expression and identity when it differs from your own
  • Not pursue sexual activity that is nonconsensual, coercive, exploitative or harmful to your sexual partner(s)

If you have questions about sexuality or sexual identity, you can talk to a CARE advocate or a member of SHAPE (Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators).