Report to Police

Survivors can talk to a CARE advocate for more information on what may happen if they file a police report. CARE advocates can also file a report on their behalf.

Officers at both the Northwestern University Police Department (847-491-3456) and the Evanston Police Department (847-866-5000) receive special training in responding to sexual assault reports. Both departments can guide survivors through the process.

When speaking with the police, the survivor will be interviewed twice.

  • The preliminary interview is brief and includes information about when and where the incident occurred. It is conducted so investigators have enough information to complete a preliminary investigation. It usually takes place at the hospital or police station.
  • The second interview occurs later and is more in-depth. The survivor may be asked to give a detailed account of the incident.

The survivor can request that police keep her/him updated about the status of the investigation. The survivor has up to five years after a sexual assault to make a report to the police and up to three years after an incident of domestic violence or stalking. If s/he files a police report, the incident will be a matter of public record, but the survivor's name will not be used in connection with this record.