University Health Services provides contraception, annual exams and other services for students through its Women’s Health Department. To schedule an appointment, use the online Personal Health Portal or call 847-491-2204.

University Health Services stocks more than 30 different types of prescription contraceptives, including:
  • Generic and brand-name birth control pills
  • NuvaRing
  • OrthoEvra patch
  • Depo Provera shot
  • Diaphragms
NUHS does not provide Implanon, IUDs or cervical caps.

Those with NU Student Health Insurance will have a co-pay of $10/month for generic prescription contraceptives and $25/month for brand-name prescription contraceptives. They can obtain up to three months’ worth of contraceptives at a time from the NUHS pharmacy.

Contraceptive costs range from $20 to $70/month for those with other insurance policies. It may be possible to submit a reimbursement claim to the insurance provider.

For general information about contraception, visit the Planned Parenthood website. See the Off-Campus Health Centers page for outside agencies that provide contraceptive services.