Change Housing

Survivors of sexual violence may wish to change housing arrangements to avoid contact with the person who abused, stalked or harassed them. If the incident(s) of sexual violence took place in the survivor’s room or home, moving may alleviate symptoms of trauma related to the violence, such as difficulty sleeping, flashbacks, nightmares or generally feeling fearful or unsafe.

On-Campus Housing Changes

While room changes can be requested through Residential Services or the Department of Graduate Housing, we strongly recommended that the survivor talk to a CARE advocate confidentially so s/he can work with these offices on her/his behalf. CARE advocates can help circumvent the usual limits that are placed on students seeking to change housing.

Off-Campus Housing Changes

The Illinois Safe Homes Act (pdf) gives sexual violence survivors the right to end leases early or change apartment locks. For assistance with these procedures, the survivor should contact the Evanston Police Department Victim Advocates, or talk to a CARE advocate who will work with EPD on her/his behalf.

Emergency Housing

On campus emergency housing may be available to students on a limited basis. To inquire about this option, the survivor should talk her/his Residence Director, or talk to a CARE advocate to coordinate this procedure on her/his behalf.

Emergency shelter for survivors may also be available off-campus. Contact the Chicago-area 24-hour domestic violence hotline at 877-718-1868 for referrals.