Budget Planning and Procedures

FY 2017 University Planning Process

The University's Planning and Budget Process for Fiscal Year 2017 has changed. Please read the communication from the Provost and the Executive Vice President by clicking the link below.

University Planning Process Guidelines

Salary Planning Information

Guidelines for Faculty Salary Planning
This downloadable guide can help in the salary planning process for faculty members.

Salary Planning Contacts
This listing provides contact information for individuals who can answer salary planning questions.

Prior Year Budget Guides

FY 2016 Budget Preparation Guide

FY 2015 Planning and Budget Call Letter

FY 2015 Budget Preparation

FY 2014 Planning and Budget Call Letter

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Preparation Instructions
This downloadable guide offers detailed instructions for reviewing and updating budget prep data.

Budget Preparation Fiscal Year 2013 Calendar - DRAFT
This schedule provides important due dates during the budget prep process.

Account and Budget Class Codes
This listing provides all PeopleSoft Account codes and their related Budget Class code.


Process for Setting the Annual Endowment Spending Rate
This web page provides an explanation for how the Endowment Spending rate is determined.