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Office of Budget and Planning
Location: 633 Clark Street, Evanston, IL 60208
Phone Number: 847-491-4286

Staff Listing

Name Contact Information
James Hurley
Vice President of Budget and Planning
Eric Wachtel
Senior Director of Budget and Planning
Barry Harte
Senior Director of Budget Development and Analysis
Sandra Brown
Department Assistant
Ken Brzoski
Associate Director Budget Analysis
Matt Bush
Senior Budget Analyst
Josh DeYoung
Manager Budget Analysis
Lori Gordon
Director of Budget Development and Analysis
Sue Hoffmann
Senior Manager Budget Analysis
Beth Lampson
Manager Budget Analysis
Sara Lease
Manager Budget Analysis
Jack Pruitt
Senior Manager Budget Analysis
Amar Smajlovic
Senior Budget Analyst

Staff Area Assignments

Area Number and Name Staff
100 Administration Sara Lease
104 Non-Recurring Reserves Beth Lampson
105 Recurring Reserves Amar Smajlovic
110 -710 FM Operations Lori Gordon, Matt Bush
112 University Services Josh DeYoung
114 Debt Service Ken Brzoski
116 Business and Finance Josh DeYoung, Barry Harte
118 Employee Benefits Josh DeYoung
120 Alumni Relations & Development Lori Gordon, Eric Wachtel
130 University Relations Sue Hoffmann
140 Admissions and Registrar Office Ken Brzoski
145 Financial Aid Ken Brzoski
150 Recreation Eric Wachtel, Sue Hoffmann
155 Athletics Eric Wachtel, Sue Hoffmann
160 Student Affairs Sara Lease
300 Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Lori Gordon
310 School of Education Eric Wachtel, Amar Smajlovic
320 Medill School of Journalism Matt Bush
325 Media Management Center Matt Bush
330 School of Music Matt Bush
340 School of Communication Eric Wachtel, Amar Smajlovic
345 Louis Hall Eric Wachtel
350 McCormick Ken Brzoski, Jack Pruitt
360 Graduate School Ken Brzoski
370 Feinberg School of Medicine Eric Wachtel, Sara Lease
390 Law School Eric Wachtel, Beth Lampson
400 Kellogg Sue Hoffmann
410 Summer Session Eric Wachtel, Beth Lampson
415 School of Professional Studies Eric Wachtel, Beth Lampson
420 University Library Eric Wachtel, Sue Hoffmann
430 Residential Colleges Eric Wachtel, Sara Lease
500 Information Technology Lori Gordon
510 Research Administration Beth Lampson
520 Research Centers Beth Lampson
530 Center for Public Safety Eric Wachtel, Beth Lampson
600 University Housing Eric Wachtel, Sara Lease
610 NU Press Sara Lease
620 Allen Center Sue Hoffmann
900 Tuition Ken Brzoski
910 General Eric Wachtel, Sue Hoffmann
910 Indirect Cost Recoveries Sue Hoffmann
910 Endowment Income Eric Wachtel, Sue Hoffmann
910 Investment Income Ken Brzoski
910 Unrestricted Gifts Eric Wachtel, Sue Hoffmann
Gen Plant Funds Amar Smajlovic
Gen ASG Analytics Committee Beth Lampson
Gen Capital Budgeting Barry Harte, Amar Smajlovic
Gen Budget Planning Model Josh DeYoung
Gen NUPlans Beth Lampson, Eric Wachtel
Gen Semester Online