ANUW's strength is its members. Our diverse members hail from around the University, in every major unit on both campuses, and in nearly every field of academic support. ANUW's members now top 230, and we are growing--the networking potential within ANUW is powerful.

Membership has many benefits, including full access to approximately eight members-only events per year (many include refreshments), access to opportunities to attend other network-building and skill-building events throughout the year at a reduced cost, and the opportunity to take leadership positions in ANUW's membership, programming and publicity committees or the board.

The nominal cost of membership ($15) helps ANUW deliver relevant, enjoyable programming events throughout the year. Even if you don't have the time to attend ANUW events, please consider joining or renewing in a show of support. Your membership in ANUW is an investment in women staff at Northwestern.

Find other ANUW members online in our ANUW group on Linkedin.