Executive Board

ANUW, the Association of Northwestern University Women, was founded in 1988 by a group of women in senior administration committed to enhancing the career development of women at Northwestern.  Then, as now, our goals are:

Membership in ANUW is open to all women in staff positions at Northwestern. Members pay nominal dues annually (September 1-August 31; the University's fiscal year).

While ANUW is primarily focused on women in staff positions, by collaborating with other campus organizations such as the Women’s Center we seek to broaden our influence and audience.

2015-2016 ANUW Executive Board

Sherry Minton
IT Technology Support Services

Vice President
Ellie O'Brien
Center for Education in Medicine, Feinberg

Yasmeen Khan
Office for Research Integrity

Erika Owen
Management and Organization, Kellogg School of Management

Past President
Eskedar Alem
Accounting Services Research Sponsored Programs


Membership Co-Chair
Alicia A Stanley
Associate Director of Study Abroad Program, Study Abroad Office

Membership Co-Chair
Jennifer Waldman
Finance Coordinator, Neurology; Feinberg School of Medicine

Programming Co-Chair
Sheri Carsello
Senior Research Administrator, Administration; School of Communication

Publicity Co-Chair
Kelly Coffey
Program of African Studies

Publicity Co-Chair
Gretchen Oehlschlager
Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration & Research in Astrophysics

Mentoring Co-Chair
Lupe Castaneda
Student Loans

Mentoring Co-Chair
Lauren Ellis
Contract Finance Administrator of Accounting Services, Research Sponsored Programs

Emilie Kahle
Office for Research

Women's Center Liaison
Njoki Kamau
Women's Center

Alecia Wartowski
Women's Center