BASICS (Brief Alcohol/drug Screening and Intervention for College Students) provides an opportunity to explore alcohol and other drug use in a confidential and non-judgmental environment with a health educator. It is not an abstinence-only program. The goal is to help you make healthy lifestyle decisions. Within two 60-minute sessions, you will receive personalized feedback from a trained professional about your substance use.

BASICS is also not intended to diagnosis substance abuse or dependence. You will be referred to CAPS if you require support beyond BASICS. See Counseling & Other Resources for more information.

To schedule a confidential and free BASICS appointment, contact Health Promotion and Wellness at 847-491-2146.


Past Northwestern students who have participated in BASICS said they left with:

  • "Some more practical tips for when I am in a partying situation, on how to limit my drinking and still have fun."
  • "More knowledge about the effects of alcohol and a better sense of how to drink responsibly."
  • "A whole new outlook on how drinking should play a role in my life. I feel so much more in control and less at risk of peer pressure."