Working Groups

Oral History in African Working Group

This working group will conduct interviews with artists from South Africa and Zimbabwe whose work deals with both countries' shifts to independence and the developments in their relationship throughout and after that process.  We hope to contribute to the many conversations happening about the role of art in resisting colonialism in this region and the less examined role of art in mediating the complex relationship between Zimbabwe and South Africa.  We will return to Northwestern to stage a week long installation compiled of the interviews and selections/recreations of each artist's work, expanding the Oral History and Performance as Social Action archive at the Program of African Studies.

For more information, please contact Andrew Brown, Department of Performance Studies.

Democracy in Africa Working Group

     An interdisciplinary working group of faculty and students will be created to discuss and conduct research on democracy in Africa. A community of scholars will be developed at Northwestern in parallel with an online community emerging via the Africa Demos Forum (ADF).  Members of the group will meet on a regular basis to reflect on advances and setbacks to democracy in Africa, comparing experiences in the continent with those in other world regions. The working group can evolve, in stages, to become a Colloquium on Democracy in Africa which can serve the following purposes: provide guidance to students, graduate and undergraduate, before and after field research in Africa; connect faculty and students to an international network of democracy scholars and analysts; promote student research projects using the Herskovits Library and other resources; establish links with research and policy institutes for faculty and students; and create opportunities, via the ADF, for faculty and students to publish essays and commentaries for a global readership.