Visiting Scholars

Julius Bolade Anjorin is completing his PhD in political science at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, with the dissertation: "The Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the Politics of Postal Regulations and Reform: The Case of the Nigerian Postal Service (1985-2012)." His research interests include public policy and public administration, and he has published articles on decision-making theories and on poverty alleviation in Nigeria in the Journal of Communications and Governance. Anjorin has also been a public servant for twenty years and is currently Head of Control Administration, Complaints and Strategy, Courier Regulatory Department, Nigerian Postal Service.

Weijian Li
is currently a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Program of African Studies (PAS), Northwestern University. An associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of World Religions, Li obtained his PhD in Islamic studies there in 2007. His dissertation focused on Islamic jihad movements in 19thcentury West Africa. He is the author of A Historical Study of Islam in West Africa and coauthor of A Survey on Chinese-Styled Sufi Orders in Linxia of Gansu Province. Both were published in 2011 by China Social Sciences Press and are in Chinese. Li will use his residency at Northwestern to plan, research, and write the first Chinese-language historical monograph on Islam in Africa.

Kennedy Opalo a Ph.D. candidate at Standford University; his research interests include legislative development in Africa, the political economy of development, regional cooperation and trade in Africa, and elections and governance.

Claudia Gazzini is an Italian historian specialized in the history and politics of Libya. She is a Visiting Fellow at that Program of African Studies at Northwestern University, where she is completing her research on the legal and social history of Tripoli. Previously she was a Max Weber fellow at the European University Institute in Florence and a doctoral student at Oxford University. Since the outbreak of the Libyan crisis in early 2011, she has appeared as a commentator on Libyan current affairs on a number of international news channels and newspapers.

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