PAS and Research Centers Staff

PAS Staff

A diligent staff conducts the operational and organizational needs of the department. They run the program's day-to-day activities, academics, initiate new projects, and seek new grants. Please email for any general inquiries. 

Will Reno, Director 

Kate Klein, Associate Director
Programming, co-sponsorships, publications, and grant development or 847-491-7325

LaRay Denzer, PAS Editor
PAS Newsletter and working papers

Kelly Coffey, Program Assistant

Financial processing, administration, and office management. or 847-497-2006 

Matthew Pietrus, Program Assistant
General inquiries, communications, logistics, and Mandela Washington Fellowship Inquiries or 847-491-7323 

Research Centers Staff:

Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA)

Rebecca Shereikis, Interim Director or 847-491-2598