African Studies at Northwestern

Northwestern University continues its longstanding commitment to African Studies by strengthening the major functional areas of African Studies at Northwestern focusing on:

  • Undergraduate education
  • Graduate student training
  • Herskovits Library
  • Faculty research
  • Visiting scholars
  • Events organized and hosted by PAS

The Program of African Studies has partnered with Northwestern's Roberta Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies. The Buffett Center assumes the administrative and functional duties for former PAS sponsored research projects, including REACH and ISITA, and supports the growth of faculty research, visiting scholars, events, and programming. These changes reflect PAS and Northwestern's continued commitment to advance African scholarship at Northwestern University.

An executive faculty committee oversees the intellectual direction of PAS and its programs. The committee is responsible for working with PAS affiliated faculty and students and communicating with university administration.  The committee collectively reviews and makes decisions on  PAS awards and visiting scholar applications. Each member also has individual responsibilities assigned and works directly with PAS staff on these. If you have particular inquiries regarding any of these specific areas, please contact the person in charge of that issue. 

The committee will meet once a month throughout the quarter.  Please direct inquiries to

PAS Executive Committee

Wendy Griswold, Sociology

Amanda Logan, Anthropology

Evan Mwangi, English

Helen Tilley, History

Jeff Rice, WCAS Academic Advising and History

Rachel Riedl, Political Science

Rebecca Shereikis, ISITA

Will Reno, Political Science

Kate Klein, Associate Director along with Kelly Coffey and Matthew Pietrus, Program Assistants continue to handle the programming and administration at PAS.