Study Skills Program

All entering freshman student-athletes are required to participate in the Study Skills program, which includes tutoring services, evening study skills sessions at the University Library and core advising. It is designed to help student-athletes develop consistent study habits essential to academic success at Northwestern. Upperclassmen can also take advantage of the tutoring services.

Freshman student-athletes are required to make the following time commitment:

  • A total of six hours of Study Skills a week during fall quarter.
  • A minimum of two hours spent at each evening session. Many students attend two evenings a week (three hours per night), although hours may be accumulated over three days (at two hours per night).

Additional ways to earn credit toward the weekly requirement:

  • Credit is given for tutoring obtained outside the Study Skills program through other university tutoring programs. Complete and submit a Departmental Tutoring/Review for Credit Form (pdf).
  • Credit is given for hours spent working at the Academic Services Computer Lab. A sign-in sheet is available at the front desk and student-athletes must have a staff member initial sign-in and sign-out to receive credit.

Student-athletes typically continue in the program at least through the winter quarter of their freshman year, although criteria for required participation vary. Contact us with questions about your requirements.