Tutor Services

We provide tutorial assistance to all varsity student-athletes as part of the Study Skills program. All entering freshman student-athletes are required to participate in the Study Skills program (Learn more about this requirement); however, many upperclassmen take advantage of the available tutoring as well.

Two different tutor resources are available: Cats Learning Together (CLT) small-group reviews, and individual tutoring.

  • Cats Learning Together (CLT)
    These small group review sessions are led by a learning leader/tutor. The group generally consists of 5-10 student-athletes enrolled in the same class. Learning teams meet once or twice per week throughout the quarter to discuss weekly lecture notes and/or reading material. Additional sessions are scheduled periodically during midterm and final exam preparations. View the CLT schedule (pdf) for Spring Quarter 2012.
  • Individual Tutoring
    One-on-one tutoring with a student-athlete designed to cover specific course material. This service must be requested through the Study Skills coordinator via the online Tutor Request form. Please be advised that there is a "No Show" policy for student-athletes who request an individual tutor. All student-athletes must agree to the policy before their individual tutor request will be processed.

Each of these tutoring services is designed to provide academic assistance and support for student-athletes. It is NOT intended to replace regular class attendance, completion of homework or exams, or attendance at class review sessions; rather, is it intended to supplement these activities.

Interested in becoming a Northwestern Community of Athletics Tutor (N'CAT)?