Join the N’CAT Program

Tutors for the Study Skills Program are carefully selected. They are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. The first step toward joining the N'CAT Program is to complete the online application form.

Expectations for our tutors

Each tutor should demonstrate the following skills and behaviors:

  • Engage the student-athlete, as well as explain and demonstrate difficult course material;
  • Demonstrate professional behavior at all times---including being punctual, adequately prepared, in control, etc.;
  • Adapt to various styles of learning and modify tutoring techniques accordingly;
  • Remain ethical in their academic dealings and NEVER complete assignments for the students being tutored; and
  • Under NO circumstances disclose or otherwise compromise any confidential information about the student-athlete acquired during the study session (academically related or not).

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the N'CAT Program.

Forms and Resources for N'Cat Tutors