Registration Information for Seniors and Graduate Students

Important dates for Winter Quarter 2014 registration:

  • November 4: The class schedule will be available online.
  • November 4, 5, 6, 7: Schedule advising appointments with your athletic academic advisor for these days. Check your major's department website and we will have a printed schedule available for electives, etc.
  • November 15: Pre-registration begins.
    *All graduate students please email Kristin ( regarding your plans. Appointments will be scheduled after that.
  • November 15: Any senior graduating in 2014 who has not petitioned to graduate by this date will have an athletic hold placed on their account.

Declared majors in McCormick and Medill:

  • You are required to meet with your school advisor to discuss your classes.  If you fail to meet with your advisor, your registration will be cancelled.
  • This meeting can take place before or after you meet your Academic Services advisor.
  • REMINDER: Your athletics advisors are not permitted to do specific major course advising for these two schools.  You MUST meet with your school advisor.

Declared majors in WCAS, School of Communication, and SESP:

  • You are encouraged to meet with your WCAS advisor for information on major and minor courses and pre-registration. 

Pre-registration limits:

  • WCAS, School of Communication, Medill, and SESP students with declared majors or minors can pre-register for a maximum of two courses.