Registration Assistance

You will not be permitted to register for the upcoming academic quarter until you have seen your athletics academic advisor.  Student-athlete registration begins on Friday, November 15 @ noon. If you have declared a major, you may be able to register for some of your courses before November 15. Please carefully read through the information below.

Prepare for this meeting by completing the following steps:

  1. Review the class schedule and note any major courses that may conflict with practice. Talk over potential conflicts with your coach ahead of time. We will only sign off on a registration plan with practice conflicts if you have already resolved them with your coach.
  2. Log on to CAESAR to check for any holds other than the hold placed by Academic Services. Holds can delay the registration process, so resolve them as soon as possible.
  3. Locate any advising documents that were given to you by your school/major advisor. You must bring these with you to your appointment with your academic advisor in athletics.
  4. Depending on your year in school, you may need to complete additional preregistration steps. Learn about these steps and find your registration date.

Schedule an appointment:

  • Call Brittany at 847-491-7890 or call your advisor directly.
  • Please do not e-mail.

Complete a CRAF in our offices:

  • In your advising appointment, you must complete a CRAF. You advisor will approve it in your meeting, and then Kristin will review your CRAF before registration.
  • If you do not meet with your academic advisor in athletics, a hold will be placed on your account, and you will not be allowed to register.

Additional questions about registration?

Contact your advisor.